The Dancer's Edge



We are an elite IN-STUDIO INTENSIVE bringing top Master Teachers and Pro Dancers from LA & NYC into the comfort of your own studio. 

Customized Intensives

Master Classes & Industry Educational Workshops 




the next generation of aspiring artists!

Who we are...

The Dancer's Edge was founded by Pro-Dancer & Master Teacher, Rachael Markarian. With over 15yrs of experience in the Entertainment Industry, working in Film, TV, World Tours, Commercials, Music Videos, Campaigns and more, Rachael has a clear understanding of what it takes to make it as a Professional Dancer and have longevity in this business. 

Her passion for teaching and connecting with the next generation of artists on a personal / one-on-one level is what inspired Rachael to create The Dancer's Edge. In a challenging and empowering atmosphere, TDE provides the opportunity for dancers to take class from today's top Master Teachers, in the comfort of their own studio. Dancers get the personal attention they deserve, without feeling like just a number in the crowd, but rather a NAME!

With a deep focus on training and industry education, TDE brings something unique to studios around the country. And, with a faculty that has worked in ALL areas of the Industry, they bring versatility and EXPERIENCE to your dancers! TDE Faculty believes that what is taught/learned within the walls of a dance studio is also preparation for life, no matter what path you choose to pursue. Whether your dream is to be a Professional Dancer or a Doctor, we truly believe that what we teach goes beyond dance, and transcends into all aspects of life.

*ALL TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATIONS are provided by The Dancer's Edge.

*CASH INCENTIVES are given to Studios who host a Dancer's Edge event at their facility.

*CUSTOMIZED PACKAGES for each studio's need. All levels, range from 1-3 Day Intensives.

Visit the website link above for more info, we can't wait to connect and DANCE with you. Now booking 2018 Intensives.